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Security Solutions Philosophies

At Valency Networks strongly believe that any business without a philosophical foundation is not a business. As a result we follow two philosophies or principals, which reflect in our professional services right from sales and marketing up to the actual service delivery and the support thereafter.

Cyber security is never 100%, but a continuous improvement process

As for the first philosophy, it is important to remember that thieves are always one step ahead of the cops. Similarly in the cyber security world, the evil hackers are many steps ahead of the world. The reason behind this is because IT networks change with time in terms of configurations and settings as well as designs. Similarly, multiple technical personnel managing IT network may make mistakes while performing their duties, leaving loopholes in the network from security standpoint. Hackers detect and exploit exactly these situations and penetrate through the network for their evil purposes. This prompts network administrators to get their infrastructure checked to ensure that security is in-tact. Typically, a vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, also called as VAPT or pen-test is usually carried out at scheduled intervals. Failing to perform this periodic check renders an IT environment vulnerable, hence it is suggested to make security testing as a part of release deployment cycles, which is a continuous improvement process. Valency Networks can help achieve this with their years of subject matter experience.

Cyber security is not only about the products, but the designed solutions.

As for second philosophy, it is a misunderstanding often found among IT management, that buying a costly product such as a firewall or router can help achieve complete security. Unfortunately this is not true, especially because it's not the product or service, but the correct design and configuration of it helps achieve security. A design includes products and services to cater to the required security needs, forming it a complete solution, and yet one needs to remember that security is never hundred percent. Well designed IT networks and their security needs to be audited periodically .Valency Networks specializes in creating cost effective designs that are tailor made to customer's IT network scenario and business needs and vision.