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We thought what is the use of having years of knowledge base and experience base in the cyber security domain unless we extend it to certify products. Lately many hardware and software vendors are coming up with their out-of-the-box products.

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Product's Security Certification

What exactly do we do?

Its simple. We take the product from you under a consent to perform dissection or a brute force operation. We also study the product architecture and map it with various potential security problems that can arise due to incorrect or in-adequate security design practices. We also do bit of reverse engineering to see if any part of code or product functionality can be exploited in future. All this is performed using industry standard tools which capture tons of logs. Valency Networks' technical team uses their years of experience to go through the logs, find vulnerabilities and perform further analysis. Further to that, customer gets a detailed report of problems and mitigation/resolution solutions. Once the customer fixes all bugs and problems, we perform another round of testing to ascertain that the problems are indeed fixed. Upon such a verification, we provide a certificate of endorsement for that product make/model/version or the software build.

What do you get?

We provide you with a certificate of endorsement which displays your firm's name and the product being endorsed. We also categorically mention various security areas for which the product passed the testing. The report also contains a link to a web page on Valency Networks' website, which your customer can visit and know about all the tests and industry standard methods used to perform the testing. Please click here to see a sample certificate copy.

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Our Culture

Valency Networks is a very agile, friendly and fun loving atmosphere and yet we maintain a cutting edge technical vibrant work environment.