Case Study:- IT firm's global infrastructure

Task Title

Penetration testing of an IT firm’s global infrastructure

Industry Vertical Information Technology (Software development)
Industry Details IT firm developing business process management software products
Global customer base
Multiple office locations
Geographically dispersed servers
Location Boston (USA), Pune (India)
Time to solution 1.5 month

Business situation

The IT Company in the case, provides .Net and Java based application products to multiple customers globally. Deployments of the sold products happen over internet. Besides this, the IT firm has multiple locations where the servers are deployed for quick and easy deployment of software to their clients. For example, the USA customers connect to servers in Boston, while those in India connect to Pune servers.

IT firm wanted to perform detailed network penetration test on their USA and India infrastructure. The concern was to ensure no data leak protection happened, while USA and India offices connected to each other for daily work purposes. Another purpose was to ensure that the product deployment infrastructurecould withstand a denial of service attack. Valency Networks was approached to perform tests andprovide technology design consultancy to achieve better cyber security practices