Mobile App Testing


Todays internet traffic is moving from desktop browsers to mobile browsers, because of the increased usage of mobile apps. Unfortunately, mobile applications are not safe, in fact they introduce serious cyber security problems for the "data in transit" and the "data at rest".

Some Facts

Data At Rest Attacks- 78%
Data In Transit Attacks - 92%
Malware Susceptibility - 40%


Due to a heavy dependency on mobile devices, users tend to store their precious data on it. Mobile technology uses Android or iOS operating systems. Both of those are vulnerable to security problems, just as any other operating system. Similarly, the applications created and running on those are vulnerable too, just as any other applications. Hence all applications running on a mobile device pose a bigger security threat to the data because of the following reasons.

  • Data is stored on the device
  • Data flows over the wire/wireless
  • There are no definite standards on how data should be secured while being on the device.
  • There is not enough awareness on how data should be encrypted while being sent over wire/wireless.

Valency Networks has a dedicated team of experts who come from mobile application development and web technology development background. We deep dive into the mobile application architecture, detect various attack vectors for data at rest and data in transit scenarios. We have multiple success stories ranging into following industry sectors for whom we have performed penetration testing of their mobile applications.

Banking and Finance



Payment Gateway

Social Networking

What do you get by testing security of mobile app?

WHY MOBILE APP SECURITY NEEDS TO BE TESTED?, Mobile App Security Testing Company

  • It induces the confidence in your and your customer's mind from application security standpoint.
  • It helps you mitigate security risks to your customer's data.
  • It results in better marketing opportunities for your application to sell in global markets.

Mobile App VAPT

Mobile applications can be categorized under communications, games, utilities, multimedia, productivity and travel based on their functionality. However, for security testing our focus is mainly on applications from Banking / Finance domain under the productivity category.

Application Security Testing (AST) is a critical component of any software security initiative. Our testing experts use a combination of commercial and proprietary tools to deliver the right test at the right depth. We then combine custom scans and in-depth manual checks for an accurate security assessment that identifies critical risks and reduces false positives.

Our mobile application security testing solution discovers malicious or potentially risky actions in your mobile applications, keeping your business and customers secure against attacks. Our Static Application Security Testing (SAST) offers multiple depths to find and eliminate common to critical software security vulnerabilities within your source code.

What do you get by testing security of mobile app?, Mobile App Security Testing Company
Mobile App Security Testing Company, Mobile App VAPT

When a customer uses an app to access your services over the internet, it is imperative to ensure security at both ends. It is pointless developing a highly secure app if there are gaping holes in the servers that store and process customer data; conversely, even if your servers are completely secure, an insecure app could allow customer data to be retrieved or redirected to a remote attacker.

The app testing service also includes testing of the web services used by the app. The following aspects are examined in detail to ensure that the backend servers do not expose customer data to other parties:

  • Server configuration errors
  • Loopholes in server code or scripts
  • Advice on data that could have been exposed due to past errors
  • Testing for known vulnerabilities
  • Reducing the risk and enticement to attack
  • Advice on fixes and future security plans
  • WebView misconfiguration

The Mobile App Security Testing service can be used to ensure compliance with PCI DSS v2.0 requirement 11.3, (penetration testing) as it includes both network and application layer testing. There are three major types of security testing tools to look into for mobile app security testing: static, dynamic and forensic. Comprehensive testing programs should use a combination of these vendor-provided and third-party tools.

mobile application security testing service provides in-depth security testing of mobile applications to conform with the high security standards. We test the application for technical, logical vulnerabilities and industry best practices to provide a detailed report with proof of concepts. Detailed remediation procedures are also included to the report to fix the issues.

We are specialized in performing both security testing of the client side mobile application and the server side software to identify the vulnerabilities.

Mobile App Security Testing Company, What do you get by testing security of mobile app?

What do you gain by Mobile App VAPT?

Mobile App Security Testing Company, Mobile App VAPT

  • Prevent future attacks by guessing the behaviors of attackers and anticipating their moves.
  • Going live with the new mobile application without excess worry about security risks.
  • Change the architecture such as network, components of the mobile application if necessary.
  • 3rd-party vendors are unfamiliar with enterprise IT environment and specific enterprise security standards and compliances.
  • Know the skills and experience of the app development agency that builds your mobile applications.
  • Meet tough industry security standards and comply with regulations.

Our Culture

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