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There are lots of network penetration testers who’s objective is to reach or take over and control system components such as routers, firewalls, switches and servers. In other words, penetrate the network. Website/web application penetration testing is an area which is often forgotten by IT management as well as penetration testers, which can pose data security problems to a firm's website as well as corporate network. web-portal-data-hacking-security


Why penetration of Web Portals is essential??

Web servers and the application code running on those as a simple website or web portal, are vulnerable to various attacks. In one type of attack, the hacker can simply deface the pages, while in other serious types, the attacker can potentially steal data and disrupt website operations. This is especially important in case of e-commerce based portals, wherein the entire business relies on website and its data contents.

How we do it??

Automated penetration testing can be a useful method for identifying some of the more common and known vulnerabilities, but websites include custom code and have complex business logic.

Web application penetration testing should include:

.... and other aspects relevant to the particular application.