SAP/ERP Systems

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SAP is a critical component in today's core business platforms. Security of SAP systems is thus an important challenge for the IT senior management. Loss of critical finance, production and sales data can result into serious business impact and hence its important to test security of ERP systems. sap-erp-security

Why penetration of SAP/ERP Systems is essential??

SAP systems carry business critical data and any downtime on such systems causes huge business impact from reputation and monetory standpoint. SAP/ERP systems must be protected from evil eyes and hence the first correct step is to perform penetration testing. At the heart of SAP/ERP systems is a web server, middleware component and database engine. All these components exhibit their own set of vulnerabilities, and it is imperative to detect those and fix in time.

How we do it??

The ERP system installation is comprised of several different components, each one having their own attack surface and security posture. The attack paths and entry points are ranging from web applications and services to binary protocols, which can be summarized as follows:

  • Systems
  • Administration Systems
  • Standalone Engines
  • Clients

All of these components are commonly distributed across same/different environments and may work in an interconnected manner using different network protocols.

We test methodology to perform proactive security assessments and perform penetration testing services (VAPT Test). As for the test methodology, we collect all information about SAP architecture, map various attack vectors, and use appropriate tools to enumerate vulnerabilities. Then, we perform analysis of the protocol and investigating its key elements. A detailed penetration test is performed based on the findings of loopholes. Lastly we generate a report of the entire application map and present it from the perspective of risk analysis and return on cyber security investment.