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With a rapid increase in the usage of mobile equipments, multiple security problems are introduced too. Unfortunately the attacks are no longer limited just to the web services, but can also happen for mobile device's operating system and the application stack running on it. mobile-devices-data-security-intrusion

Why penetration of Mobile Apps is essential??

With an increase in welcoming BYOD policy by corporate, the cyber security of mobile device has become imperative from data security stand point. This applies to almost all operating system stacks such as Android, iOS and Blackberry OS. As the subject matter experts in data leakage protection, it is the mission of Valency Networks, to define and promote mobile application security and secure the client's information

How we do it??

  • We perform detailed VAPT test for mobile application web services
  • We do the same for data in transit between mobile app stack and the caller/called web service
  • We map security scenario attack vectors to ensure none of the loopholes go un-detected.
  • We also perform a detailed architecture analysis on mobile application and its functional modules.
  • In some cases, we perform a code review of the application for added security.
  • Outcome of the testing is a detailed report with technical and non-technical details.