Corporate Networks

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It had been observed that the percentile of cyber attacks from internal network is far larger than that from the external one. Internal threats comprise the greatest risk facing many organizations today for various reasons such as a disgruntled employee or a badly designed network security.


Why penetration of Corporate Networks is essential??

Internal corporate LAN/WAN environments are structured to allow users greater amounts of access with fewer security controls, and this is exactly where the situation becomes exploitable. As layers of security between a would-be attacker and sensitive data are removed the risk of compromise greatly increases. Multiple surveys indicate that most of the large scale firms and almost all mid-scale firms lack in corporate level cyber security implementations. Merely having a firewall and router is not enough, but what is needed is and end to end solution, customized to the needs of coporate firm.

How we do it??

The following illustrates some of the different vulnerability classes we cover during an internal network penetration test:

  • Layer 2 Attacks
    • VLAN Hopping
    • ARP Cache Poisoning
    • Switch Architecture Weaknesses
  • Layer 3 Attacks
    • IP Redirections
    • Session Hijacking
    • Session Replay
  • Network / OS Layer Attacks
    • Network Hash Passing
    • DHCP and DNS Weaknesses
    • Various OS Weaknesses
  • Advanced Attacks
    • Protocol Fuzzing
    • Cryptographic Weaknesses
    • Buffer Overflow
    • Zero-day
  • Wireless Penetration Testing
  • Patch management system’s vulnerability assessment
  • BYOD policy implementation testing