Cyber Security Penetration Testing Vulnerability Assessment Service (VAPT Test)

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What is a Pen test?

  • Outcome of such a test is a technical plan to resolve or mitigate risks observed
  • If this test is not carried out periodically, your network exposes to hacking threats.
  • Penetration test/Pen test is nothing but testing of your computer system that identifies vulnerabilities within network.Pen test is either done manually or with automated software. These are helpful in defensive mechanisms.
  • In IT industry there is lot of confusion between vulnerability assessment and pen test/penetration testing.However,both are different.
  • Vulnerability assessment identifies report noted vulnerability,whereas a penetration test split up vulnerabilities to determine whether access is unauthorised or other malicious activity is possible. It include various types of testing such as network penetration testing,application penetration testing,database penetration testing,physical security testing,wireless penetration testing,voice penetration testing which identifies vulnerabilities,find out causes and accordingly protect your network from inside as well as outside cyber attack.