IT Audit for ISO:

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    iso-it-security-certification ISO 27001 has various benefits

    Benefits of ISO 27001 are:

    • It can act as the extension of the current quality system to include security
    • It provides an opportunity to identify and manage risks to key information and systems assets
    • Provides confidence and assurance to trading partners and clients; acts as a marketing tool
    • Allows an independent review and assurance to you on information security practices
    • A company may want to adopt ISO 27001 for the following reasons:
    • It is suitable for protecting critical and sensitive information
    • It provides a holistic, risked-based approach to secure information and compliance
    • Demonstrates credibility, trust, satisfaction and confidence with stakeholders, partners, citizens and customers
    • Demonstrates security status according to internationally accepted criteria
    • Creates a market differentiation due to prestige, image and external goodwill
    • If a company is certified once, it is accepted globally.

    Valency Networks has years of experience which helps firms gain control on their IT security polices to achieve ISO 27001 certification.