ITIL Process Implementation

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As the infrastructures grow with time, all types of organizations see a need to have a formal policy for configuration and change management, operations and support management, and also performing daily maintenance activities. This also includes the problem management which demands for a definite support model with necessary escalation mechanisms in place.

    Valency Networks uses a focused approach to implement such policies as defined by ITIL project. Following steps are followed to achieve a coherent policy structure.
                 ITIL Project Preparation
                 Definition of the IT Service Structure
                 Selection of ITIL Roles and Role Owners
                 Analysis of As-Is Processes: ITIL-Assessment
                 Definition of the To-Be Process Structure
                 Definition of Process Interfaces
                 Establishing Process Controlling
                 Designing the Processes in Detail
                 Selection and Implementation of Application Systems
                 ITIL Process Implementation and Training

    On the technology front to implement ITIL, Valency Networks brings technical expertise to suggest off-the-shelf or open-source products, solutions and methods. This is typically essential while creating a support model for a 24x7 infrastructure uptime, software product life cycle management, processes which need continuous change to adhere to the changing business needs etc. Please also refer to our offerings such as IT Infrastructure optimization, IT Monitoring and IT Release and Operations Management.