Flash Based Specialized Pen Testing

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penetration-testing-adobe-flash-applications Many web applications use Flash content to enhance their users' experience with rich graphics and screen control. Unfortunately the embeded web services which are used by Flash, are vulnerable to attacks. Since Flash is a "thick client" application interface, it becomes even harder to decipher such attacks and stop those.


Why penetration of Flash Based application is essential??

Flash based testing categorized in two ways:

1. Client side vulnerabilities

  • Flash parameter Injection
  • Remote flash code injection
  • Remote Forms field based injection
  • Cross Domain Privilege Escalation
  • Cross Site Scripting
  • Cross Site Flashing

2. Server-side vulnerabilities

Flash Applications makes remote calls to a backend server for various operations. This leads to increase the attack surface exposed by these applications. An attacker can intercept and tamper data to compromise the server.