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Q. Why the name Valency Networks ?
A. We can go on and on about what is valency in the terms of physics and chemistry etc. However the honest reason is, that was the only internet domain name available at the time which we liked and could register.

Q. Do you have a global presence ?
A. Yes and No. Yes because we have a customer base globally, and no because we don't have offices outside India, however we do have a partner office in USA. Our business idea is to provide IT consultancy which doesn't necessarily need a posh office with a nice secretary and people running around photocopy machines.  We save on costly infrastructure which enables us to provide cost effective services to our clients, of course without compromising on quality.

Q. Why there is no list of your customers on this website?
A. Upfront reason is privacy and confidentiality. Most of our customers were skeptical in letting the world know that they needed outside consultants, either to improve processes, or business, or to start entire new internal IT department. As a principal we respect our client's business agenda and hence did not put their names on our websites despite of being in business with them. Should you be interested in doing business with us and would need references, we will be glad to provide those.

Q. This FAQ sounds different and direct , why should I be interested in doing business with Valency Networks?
A. This FAQ is indeed made sound "direct" to bring transparency to the person browsing this website. Usually what you see on firm's websites, is not really what you get....we are certainly different there. We strongly believe that the trust follows transparency and clarity, which is essential for a long term quality business. We are convinced that you will be intrigued after reading this FAQ.

Q. I am intrigued to talk to someone. How do I kickoff a business discussion?
A. We gladly look forward to that too. Please click on the contact us page to send us email and someone will get back to you within 24 hours.


"We . . . declared our independence 200 years ago, and we are not about to lose it now to paper shufflers and computers."

Gerald Ford, Former President of USA, 1974

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