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Cyber Security Penetration Testing Vulnerability Assessment Service (VAPT Test)

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Penetration testing Pune India It is an ethical hacking test to ensure that your IT infrastructure is secure.
It involves performing technical assessment to try penetrating into your network
Outcome of such a test is a technical plan to resolve or mitigate risks observed
If this test is not carried out periodically, your network exposes to hacking threats
    Ethical Hacking Penetration testing Pune To check if your corporate network is secure
    To protect your and your client's data
    To prevent reputational and monetary loss for your firm
    To protect your corporation's electronic assets.
    Ethical Hacking Vulnerability Assessment Internal and external testing of firm's website/s
    Internal and external testing of firm's corporate LAN network/s
    Detailed scrutiny of login authentication, antivirus, patching etc
    Wireless networks inside the firm's premises
    Detailed assessment of network components involved in the infrastructure


    Ethical Hacking Pen Test (Pen-Test)  Penetration Testing Reports
    We provide reports by avoiding technical jargon
    Our reports make sense to senior technical management
    Reports include resolution tasks and mitigation plans
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