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Task TitleEstablish Disaster Recovery Center
Industry VerticalFinance (Fortune 500 Company)
LocationNY, USA
Time to solution2 Months

Business situation

As the bank's business grew, the number of customers using ATM cards and performing electronic transactions increased too. This resulted in a need to have disaster recovery infrastructure in a different city. Bank wanted technical consultancy in this matter and a plan to design and execute the same.


  • Valency Networks started work by gathering technical details.
  • Existing production infrastructure was studied from hardware and application point of view and business critical components were identified
  • DR physical location was surveyed to come up with datacenter design
  • A technical high level design was created for DR center and was tuned appropriately, based on the datacenter situations at the physical location.
  • Technology solutions such as DNS load balancing, data log shipping and storage replication were used to achieve the design requirements
  • Complete end to end consultancy was provided to implement hardware, network and application systems implementation
  • A step by step execution plan to fail the production systems over to DR center was created with adequate details so that the technical stakeholders can execute it.
  • After deciding upon a date, DR test was performed and multiple functionality tests were performed. Test was concluded by shutting down DR systems and bringing production systems up.


  • Bank acquired business continuity, which further resulted into gaining customer's confidence.
  • Bank saved money which was being spent on fire-fighting situations to solve production problems.
  • Overall downtime of ATM machines was drastically reduced resulting to customers appreciation
  • Bank' senior management was freed from ongoing technical problems and could focus on more business centric opportunities.
  • Over the period of time, bank's returns on investment increased due to a ramp up in number of customers and overall reputation.