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Valency Networks started its operations in 2008 to cater for professional IT infrastructure management services. While the IT infrastructure in the world (specifically in the Asia-Pac region) is developing at a rapid pace, there are many challenges and pitfalls to be addressed by IT vendors, mainly in the area of IT security, IT performance and monitoring solutions, IT audit, compliance and governance. We saw this as a market need on a top priority, and established a solution providing firm to fill the technical and business improvement gaps.

Valency Networks is a professional IT consultancy firm running their operations from Pune, India. We are in this business for past few years with a purpose of offering highly technical services in the area of IT infrastructure management.

While we have catered to various customers in USA and Asia-Pac, we have a strategically developed client base in India too. In depth technical study of the customer's IT infrastructure, low cost but cutting edge solutions and professional service delivery are our unique selling points, which gives us an edge over our competitors. Please use Contact Us page to reach out to us.

Valency network is a talent pooling mission too, wherein the subject matter experts come together to provide a monolithic and quality based solution to the customers.

Since this helps us avoid maintaining technical staff and hence the time spent in managing that staff, we can offer quick, techie and yet professional solutions to our customers at a very affordable price tag.

Please read our FAQ and browse through our Services page to know more about our offerings.

Our mission is to be a solution provider in the niche areas of IT infrastructure by leveraging years of global technical experience we possess. This mission starts with cyber security solutions which is the need of the hour in today's IT world, and extends up to the disaster recovery designing and cloud solutions, an area which is a strong upcoming need in tomorrows IT industry.

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"Computing Machines  --  Those are meant to serve us, and not the other way round."

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