We are providing below Security Trainings.

We provide cutting edge technical trainings for corporate firms. One of the most wanted training is Cyber Security Awareness Training. It is also recommended by ISO-27001 policy best practices to conduct this training for all corporate employees at least once in 6 months. Details are below.

  • What is cyber security?

    • Statistics and graphs

    • Why people hack?

    • What do hackers gain?

  • What security means to you

    • In personal life

    • As an employee

    • Various myths and misconceptions about security

  • Various ways someone can be hacked

  • How to protect ourselves

    • In personal life

    • In professional life

  • Cyber laws and incident reporting

  • Questions / Answers

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Security Trainings

Customized Trainings

Cyber Security Awareness

Perimeter Security Designing

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