Why getting Compliant with Valency Networks will be of competitive advantage for our organization?

  • We believe in delivering Quality that will bring value to the client.
  • We maintain long term relationship with our clients.
  • We follow latest industry requirements to bring competitive advantage.
  • We deliver best suited solutions as per our client needs.
  • We also deliver the complete vulnerability assessment ( hyperlink to http://www.valencynetworks.com/penetration-testing-services/network-testing.html )
  • Hyperlink to of the entire network infrastructure systems audit services and supporting policies & procedure from ISMS viewpoint.
  • We have dedicated certified auditors with vast industry experience.
  • We promote Audit quality to the benefit of the capital markets.
  • Our goal is to handhold right from addressing client’s key business concerns, helping them comply with regulatory norms and upgrading overall effectiveness of corporate governance and reporting necessities, boosting their operational efficiencies for achieving strategic business goals.

Why Compliance Reports from Valency Networks team enhance success rate of our organization's audit?

Our Compliance reports

  • Cover 360 degree of your organization.
  • Are precise and structured
  • Are customized for various levels of your Organization

What is ISO 27001 Scope of Registration?
ISO 27001 scope (Hyperlink to ISO27001-doc\iso27001-process\iso27001-process-scope-of-implementation-phase-3) of registration will be outlined as "The information you wish to Protect". It’s this information inside scope that you simply build associate information security management system (ISMS) around.
What happens after ISO 27001 Certification?
Once a company becomes “certified”, they undergo periodic audits(Hyperlink to ISO27001-doc\iso27001-process\iso27001-process-monitor-implementation-phase-10) and practice internal audits (iso27001-process-reassessment-audits-phase-12 & iso27001-process-monitor-implementation-phase-10) by their registrars for a period of 3 years, upon which a full “re-certification” audit is conducted.
What is Re-Certification audit?
A re-certification audit involves the auditing of all necessities of the quality and should be equal long because the original certification audit.
What is periodic audit?
Periodic audits (Hyperlink to ISO27001-doc\iso27001-process\iso27001-process-monitor-implementation-phase-10) are typically conducted every 6 months or every year- depending on the registrar and the contract signed with the organization. Periodic audits are normally lesser in days than the original certification audits.
How much does it cost to become ISO-27001 Certified?
There are three costs to becoming certified: internal costs (e.g., resource cost), consulting costs for preparation, and certification costs. The costs can vary notably based on the ISMS scope(Hyperlink to ISO27001-doc\iso27001-process\iso27001-process-scope-of-implementation-phase-3), ISMS gap assessment (Hyperlink to ISO27001-doc\iso27001-process\iso27001-process-gap-analysis-Phase-7), resource capabilities, and also the project schedule.
Can a certificate be withdrawn?
Yes. In the case of a minor non-conformity, the auditor will require you to write a corrective action plan and will verify its implementation. If identified non-conformities are not quickly eliminated, the certificate will be revoked.
We have a security policy in place. Why do we need an ISO 27001 information security management system?
Ownership of a security policy by itself does not prevent failures; staff needs to understand it and put it into practice (Hyperlink to ISO27001-doc\iso27001-process\iso27001-process-train-the-staff-phase-9).The human side of computer security is easily exploited and constantly ignored So you can oversee weakest connection of any association-"people" with ISO 27001 ISMS
As an organization we have reinforcements and passwords - why do we require ISO 27001?
Information is not restricted to electronic format but includes all forms of communication including verbal and hard copy. The ISO 27001 shows in a good way that enough training and records are in place for all staff so they will know what is expected from them. This can prevent any happening by chance failures of security.
IT is hardly a small part of my company; still do I need to implement ISO27001?
You can implement ISO 27001 (Hyperlink to ISO27001-doc\iso27001-process\iso27001-benefits-page1)for a small part of company or for whole also, so it doesn’t matter if IT is a small part of your company. Because when you need to protect the sensitive data all other things also play a role along with IT.
My IT team does their job very well. Wont the ISO 27001 implementation create a hindrance in their daily jobs?
No! In fact ISO 27001 Implementation (Hyperlink to ISO27001-doc\iso27001-process\iso27001-process-identify-business-objectives-phase-1) will make their work easier and systematic.  
Once I am ISO 27001 certified, does that mean it won’t be hacked?
ISO 27001 is a framework which guides you in protecting the sensitive data. And it is not for protecting your IT (hyperlink to http://www.valencynetworks.com/penetration-testing-services/network-testing.html ) from hacking. It depends on how your company invests in IT security.
I have a costly firewall implemented, what would be the reason to be ISO 27001 certified?
Firewall is for protecting your IT system from external threat; While ISO 27001 protects (Hyperlink to ISO27001-doc\iso27001-process\iso27001-features-page2)your company’s sensitive data from 360 degree, which includes security of all the assets of your company. 
What is difference between compliance and certification?
Compliance means that your management framework fully adheres to the requirements of the standard. And ISO 27001 Certification (Hyperlink to ISO27001-doc\iso27001-process\iso27001-features-page1) means that your management framework has actually been certified to be in conformance (compliance) with all the requirements of the standard. In essence, certification is proof of a fundamental compliance claim.
Can ISO 27001 help me gain more visibility on the internet?
Yes! Getting ISO 27001 certified can increase your market reach.
My customers are themselves ISO 27001 certified. Does my firm need to?
See, if your customers are having ISO 27001 Certification does not imply that your firm does not require it. It will depend on how much sensitive data you’re having in your company and for protecting that data you will need ISO 27001(Hyperlink to ISO27001-doc\iso27001-process\iso27001-process-identify-business-objectives-phase-1).
Will my life be easy for other compliances, if I implement ISO27001 for my firm?
Yes, definitely. ISO 27001 framework supports other compliance like SOX, PCIDSS, etc. 
I am a CISO in my company. Will implementing ISO 27001 increase my work load?
No. Instead it will decrease your workload. SOP in ISO 27001 will help you to monitor the working of your company & with Segregation of Duties (Hyperlink to ISO27001-doc\iso27001-process\iso27001-process-policies&procedures-phase-8) you can define and divide the tasks among the employees.


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