Inspires trust on the business as customers have greater reassurance to customers and stakeholders

It provides the competitive advantage to the organization - robust controls are in place to protect data

Helps grow business - provides common guidelines across different countries making it easier to do business globally

Streamlined global operations - Because ISO 27017 and ISO 27018 guidelines are universal, conformance makes it easier for cloud service providers to participate in the global market place and for customers to sign international contracts.

Offering and adopting cloud can still cause misunderstanding. Any organization entrusting sensitive customer data to third part has to know that there are grey areas where rights and responsibilities have not been clearly defined. There is a lot that has been taken on trust and that is not necessarily the best long term approach for success - especially when ISO/IEC 27017 now makes responsibilities crystal clear.

From a legal perspective, it is critical that you show due diligence and that you have applied a standard of care. This is especially important when called upon to provide a digital evidence or other information from within cloud computing environment. Working to and complying with ISO/IEC 27017 is a best practice framework which will help you to be prepared should you encounter any forensic investigations or challenges around the privacy of information.

CIO's and IT managers will be encouraged by the changes to their relationships with the CSP's, where they both support and adopt the standard. It introduces a real common ground for assurance to cloud computing security. And as a user of cloud services your customer and interested parties will also have an increased level of trust in you, knowing that you have done your homework and addressed you responsibilities.





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